The Blockchain is vital to combat the Coronavirus

Few technologies have been as important in the history of mankind as Blockchain technology. Over the years, more and more companies, organizations and governments have adopted blockchains as a mechanism to increase efficiency in their processes. This is the reason why Don Tapscott defended in a presentation during the event „Off The Charts“ of Binance, that the Blockchain is vital to combat the Coronavirus.

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The digital revolution
The last few years have been ones of accelerated progress for our societies. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has given way to the development of new technologies that have changed the world we live in forever. Thanks to the emergence of tools ranging from artificial intelligence, to clean energy, to genetic engineering.

But, if there is something that connects all the technologies brought about by the digital revolution it is, as Don Tapscott mentions, the Blockchain. For the founder of The Blockchain Research Institute, the blockchains have the potential to link all these new technologies together. Amplifying their impact and improving the lives of everyone on the planet.
Thus, Tapscott explained during „Off The Charts“ that the influence of the Blockchain technology is not only concentrated in the digital world. It can also be applied to sectors such as supply chains to increase their efficiency and avoid waste or delays in the delivery of products. One of the applications of blockchains in the physical world that is more attractive during the Coronavirus crisis.

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Blockchain against Coronavirus
In this way, during his presentation Don Tapscott identified several sectors in which the use of Blockchain technology could be of vital importance in the fight against Coronavirus. Starting with the improvement in the delivery times of medical supplies around the world. Something that would avoid the shortage of products such as medical masks, since they could arrive just in the moment they are needed.

In addition to this, Tapscott also explained that the Blockchain is useful in safeguarding the privacy of citizens‘ medical records. Thus, governments could access the clinical information of the inhabitants of a country, to improve the effectiveness in the fight against Coronavirus. Without the need to know the name of the patients, or any other data different from the strictly necessary ones.

This is without counting the potential of issuing Blockchain certificates. These could not only be developed in the form of passports, such as those devised by companies like Microsoft, which would guarantee the health of those who carry them. They could even authenticate the credentials of the medical staff who will handle our data.

All these elements have the potential to make a big impact in the fight against Coronavirus. Improving the efficiency of all its components, from the delivery of medical material to the management of data by governments. Which, in short, would be the reason why Tapscott considers the Blockchain to be vital in the fight against Coronavirus.